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The Inspiration
I made a bag to go with the holidays.  I was actually bored one night at my parents house.  

We had a black out at ourhouse, so I went to my parents house and needed something to do.  I took my mom's table cloth and built on it.  She said she wouldn't let me cut it up so I took some paper and traced a few of the designs and then it went from there.  It is still a work in progress, but here is what it is right now.  I want to add a clasp or a button and also a stitching line to hold my pen in the front pocket inside the flap.

It isn't wonly like the pictures show, it is mostly the way I photgraphed it.  Maybe some classes are in order. :)
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The front flap is a cut out from a fleece blanket and then a ribbon that a friend of mine had.  I used the gingerbread people from the ribbon and added them around the bag.  In the back I took a ribbon from a gift I had gotten and sewed it on the knit pocket, which is actually my husbands glove.  The conversation for that went kind of like this. 

Me: "You didn't want hose old gloves anymore did you?"
Him: "Why?"
Me: "Well, because I just cut them up with my rotary cutter for my project."
Him: "Well then it doesn't matter what I say now, does it?"

Good thing he had already bought a new pair of gloves.  That would have been really bad.  The lesson there is to not leave anything lying around a crafter that is bored.  It will get repurposed.

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Inside the flap I cut up some scraps of fabric and appliqued the little cocoa and cocoa tin with marshmellows.  It's a pocket and I want to add the stitching to hold my pen there.  It holds a smallish notebook as well as my "Our Daily Bread" pamphlets.  The inside is just a peice of fabric lining that was left over fram a quilt I did a while back and then the outside fabric as a smaller inside pocket.  I did a sowflake detail with my machine on the strap and used just a satin stitch around the pockets and for some top detailing in small places.  I love verigated thread.  It breaks easily so your tension has to be just right.  The stitching around the aplique is all satin stitch as well.

And all this because I was bored and everything I needed to so was at my house and needed electricity in a very dark house.  I hate blackouts, but they do have some ups.
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